Through the offering of this lamp, pure, clear and bright
To the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the three times and ten directions, 
May the darkness of the beings' ignorance be illuminated
And the emergence of complete knowledge and wisdom develop

 This place is dedicated to a dear friend of us Ani-Ea .
Ani ea is a great care taker for all being and a fully ordained Buddhist nun and teacher.
She is our compassion and kindness bond with much love and devotion for the well being of  so many.

We kindly invite you to join our prayers and to let us know if you wish us to post a prayer request in your name or on behalf of those who might need it ....

Feel free to browse the list that follows and dedicate your prayers to all of those who are mentioned in it:

Peace, light and love from all

4 January 2011
By this solar eclipse time in the new of 2011
4 Th. January
in gratitude sincerly  as alwauys  i request blessing on behalf
Danish man
died -passed away in Greenland  30 th  december 2010
58 yeard old-of pancreatic infection.
He came to late to  the Hospital. therefor passed away.
He was a very good friend and work partner of a dharma sister of mine, Ulla Willumsen, whom also live in Greenland,
and she is requesting the blessing and prayers for her deceased  friend and work partner..

With sincere gratitdue as always
endless devotion
on behalf
of Ulla for her friend

ani ea

3 January 2011

Beloved Rinpoche and Precius Sangha

PLEASE bless and pray for a small SPARROW whom was KILLE Dyesterday
by a wilde black and white cat
 CHØPPEL -   cat.
whom stay with in the shed- He is 13 years old i feed him give blessing pills in his food so he kill less  and he got dharma name Chøppel ..
but sometime he does kill his karmic killer insticnt in him comes out as cat and he feel need to kill.
 He is old 13 years going little blind so i let him stay with me to help  him also dharmic input for his karma sake.
I get so sad and feel i must ask prayers blessing for  the oens he kills and him
 SO pelase pray for litlle SPAROOW he killed yesterday
 and for CHØPPEL CAT doing so  his karmic insticnt for killing can be transformed i try to help him to.
 Sincere gratitdue
 enddles devotion
 Ani Ea

31 December 2010

Dear friends,

Please pray for the little boy, too, who committed suicide in Nov. This year ...
His mother, Bonnie Mak in Canada, is my friend and her heart is bleeding and bleeding for her youngest boy, Gustav ...
At this time, the Great Ones are praying for the little boy and his mother and older brother, too.
Love and gratitude from gaby in Munich

19 October 2010

a 27 year old danish man,
Was killed in a traffic acident in Denmark
Last tuesday 12  october.2010
His devasted parents Helle and Peter
is requesting bleessing and prayers for their beloved son , 
As always sincere deepp gratiude on behalf
 ani ea

13 October 2010
Dearest Precious Sangha

Please include Kennehts father in Your prayers and dedication.
 85 years old passed away yesterday 12 october 2010 -Copenhagen Denmark.
He is the father of long long danish buddhist devoties. of Your Holiness
I have been asked to request Blessing and
prayers for him.
as always much sincere gratitude
 on behalf of
 his son Kenneht Johansen
 ani ea

26 August 2010

Please bless and include  in Your prayers
 my beloved little friend
 female rat, 3 .1/2 year old
 wich was one of the kindest sweetest gentle being i ever meet
She died today 26 august 2010 
14.08 pm gmt
I had to put her to sleep stop her little heart with help from our buddhist vetenarian Anne Cralson
because  Karma Clara has so bad cancer and sufferd alot now
wich is hard to do--but for her sake had
to be done. due to her suffering from the cancer not to go on.
<> So we had to help her to die.because the cancer make her suffer a lot now
Please bless her for auspicious rebirth
Please bless my little beloved friend help her-
so she can gain auspious rebirth
 with much sincere gratitude and endless devotion
 Ani Ea


26 August 2010

 Dear friends ,

This is a special email.   Nathan Adams, 39, who I have never met, has been in the ICU of a hospital in Reno, Nevada for the last 16 days.  He was in a three-car pile-up on a interstate – his car caught fire, and he suffered burns over 35% of his body.   The back of his head  was crushed, his upper jaw terribly shattered, his lower jaw so bad that nothing has been done yet.   Perhaps worst of all, many of his ribs punctured his lungs – he now has four tubes blowing air into his lungs.   He is in an induced coma.

He is a professional athlete, a runner, and was in top shape when he suffered these terrible wounds.   His condition has not been stabilized, and he has not begun to improve.

His mother fears the worst.

             Many people in many parts of the world are sending strong wishes to him.   He needs every kind of help we can offer.   Let’s send him light and love and let’s hope the miracles of healing into being.   I thank you for anything you can do.

             Peace –


24 August 2010

Very Ven Rinpoche and Nobel Sangha
<>please be so kind to  include littlle Sparrow baby byrd girl
 Your blessing and prayers
whom died today 24 august 2010
I found wounded took her home
 and-she died
gave her dharma name
 PEMA TSERINg in front of alter
and blessed water and relics Buddha relics  blessing also
 and she died this afternoon 24 august
 sincere gratitude
 ani ea

14 August 2010

Precious Sangha
would You be so kind to pray and bless.
 Cynthia Arden Grace. 
about 65, years old.
whom have been diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer in lung and spine

She is the sister of Gelong-Lama  Yeshe Gyamtso Alias Bosley Hiss
Bosley american now around 67-68 years old

He  took refuge with Most Ven Tenga Rinpoche .  Ordenation with His Holiness 16 th Gyalwang Karmapa
  at Karma Triyana in 1980
And gelong ordenation under H E  Tai Situ Rinpoche and Ven Kalu Rinpoche during
 Rinchen Terdzø in Sonada in 1983
Did 3 years retreat under Ven Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

Its is HIS sister Cindry Arden Grace
whom have been diagnosed with the 4 th > stage of cancer in lung and spine
Please bless and include Cindy Arden Grace in Yourprayers
 also Bosley > whom also is sick, in his spine and weak heart now and health.

Sincere gratitude with my whole heart
one behalf of Bosley
Ani Ea

p.s Bosley is my exhusband my dharma brother since 42 years so im very gratefull for your sincerty in caring with praying for them

6 August 2010

ramses  ramsesrun
My little dog, Ramses, is unable to walk and when he barks, there is 
no sound. He is very ill.

He is my love, my heart.

Please remember him in your heart and prayers. I am asking for all 
the prayers that can be done.

His movement is restricted to a small area, he is on steroids and 
pain medication. Hopefully this will help resolve this sudden and 
horrible situation. He went from running and barking to this in two 
days. If I could suffer it for him, I would. I help him move, drink 
water, and I carry him. He has some feeling in his legs and feet so 
that is good.

I am thankful for shamata to calm my mind.

Please pray for him.

Suzan Mingyur Pema

29 July 2010
Precius Sangha
A young girl 23 years old was killed by a truck in trafiic acident yesterday the 28 july.
 Her name is
23 years old
killed yesetrday afternoon by a truck
28 th july 2010
Please include Sara in your prayers
on behalf
sincere gratitude
Ani Ea

19 July 2010
 Dearest  Preccious Sangha Friends
<>I was  just informed that:our dear dharma brother
UFFE NAGEL -57 years old - Danish
 Died from cancer the 10 th July 2010
Uffe was so sick with cancer for last 5-6 year
 Please include in your prayers  and bless Uffe now
on behalf of us all here
 sincere gratitude
 Ani Ea and everyone here

11 July 2010
Beloved   Sangha friends
 My sweet long time friend   Chicken TSØPA LHAMO
 has just died just now-
11 the july sunday 7 am 2010
The old white BIG chicken called .
 I had her at my place under the table for last t 2 weeks
she was dying so  the others  chicken did not pick her-
  and she just died
.--if possible you all  would be so kind to  bless her now and pray for her auspices rebirth
 ill be so thankful and it will help her so very much
Im so thankful  her and bless her  
She is the WHITE BIG Chicken 
 With endless gratitude
and much much devotion
from us
 Ani Ea
Tsøpa Lhamo-chicken

26 June 2010
Please say a prayer and light a  lamp for my little Friend
black little baby rabbit called 
1 month old.

Some children just BROKE ITS NECK by mistake
 15 min ago today.

Sweet  ssweet  gentle little rabbit
 please  bless SØVNIG for auspicius rebirth
 so sweet sweet litlle one
<> please help it its death for rebirth
 as always deep deep gratitude
and siencere devotion
 Ani Ea
23June 2010
Please say a prayer for a very good dog 

~~ Remy ~~ 

who died today. 

She was a beautiful golden retriever with lovely long hair and a loving personality. 
She loved swimming and walked with her toys in her mouth and smiling. 
She liked to bark at 5:30 AM exactly so everyone would wake up. 

Most of all she loved her best friend Toni and her sister dog, Sassy. 

She had an operation to take a tumor off her spleen, and two days later, today, she had a heart attack and died at the vet's. 

My oldest friend, Toni Delacorte, rescued Remy when she was a puppy and had her as her friend for 13 years. 

~~ Remy ~~ 

A very good dog. A love of a dog. 

She deserves a very good rebirth.


21 June 2010
I was just informed and asked to request  blessing and prayers for
49 years old

danish woman, old buddhist- sort of.,
BUT  whom committed suicide by hanging herself yesterday 19th june 2010<>  
she left behind 2 children- teenager
please pray for ULLA---
As we know suicide is so terrible way to die, so suffering mind,
 difficult for Bardo and further on
and so very much suffering also for the oneself behind
please pray for ULLA now in her suffering
and the children and family left behind, so much suffering for them also now
 on behalf
 of us all 
who knew Ulla for so very long
sincere gratitude
Ani Ea

16 June 2010
 Kind Sangha .
My belovedl ittle sweet friend
male byrd NORBU
has just died.

He is the one with back to to us, not facing
but the back the GREEN  one not tyrkuis.
His littel heart stopped
He died 18.00 pm today
16th june 2010pm,
Please bless  NORBU 
and pray for him ,
I'll be so thankfull- so my little beloved friend can obtain auspicious rebirth
 With sincere gratitude and endless devotion
 Ani Ea

10 May 2010

This afternoon, Asia Hixon, mother of Julian 15 and Ian 17 and wife of Ray, committed suicide. 

It is Mother's Day here in the United States. 

Please keep her in your prayers. Also keep her children, her husband and family, and her mother in Poland, in your prayers as well. 

A great tragedy. 

Ray is my neighbor. He lives in the other part of the duplex I live in. He separated from Asia, who is from Poland, last September when he moved here.


8 May 2010

Kim Thorup
One of my good friends died in a car accident on May 1st when the two men drove into a tree where the car exploded and burned up.
Hope and wish that you all can make a prayer for my very good friend named Kim Thorup . He was 52 years old and was a Dane,  left behind a wife and a 15 years old daughter.

Yours in Dhama
Brian Zinck

4 May 2010

My sweet sweet beloved little friend died.

Please bless and pray for  "WANGYAL"


I'll be so grateful- Wangyal

Male english parakeet bird  It is the Turquoise big one facing on picture .

He died yesterday-  3rd may 2010

he was so kind sweet wise bird-

Please bless him and pray for him for auspicious rebirth

I'll be so thankful  You will bless him .


Deep sincere gratitude

much devotion

Ani Ea


10 May 2010

This afternoon, Asia Hixon, mother of Julian 15 and Ian 17 and wife of Ray, committed suicide. 

It is Mother's Day here in the United States. 

Please keep her in your prayers. Also keep her children, her husband and family, and her mother in Poland, in your prayers as well. 

A great tragedy. 

Ray is my neighbor. He lives in the other part of the duplex I live in. He separated from Asia, who is from Poland, last September when he moved here. 

Love Suzan

3 May 2010

Precious Sangha
65 years old
passed way the 2 may 2010
and in his testament he requested to be buried as a Buddhist and blessed and prayed for .
Uffe has been long time Buddhist Dharma practitioner ,
since the beginning of Buddhism arriving in Denmark.
His brother and his friend has contacted me and asked me to request prayers and blessing for U`FFe now in his death and Bardo.
I will perform the buddhist funeral rites here I have been requested to do it for him at our official Buddhist frugal hall.
Please bless and include UFFE in Your prayers
On behalf of his family and friend
sincere gratitude,
much devotion
Ani Ea

16 April 2010 -

Dear friends,
28 was Hallil David Ellohev
Today he commited suicide.
I ask all of you kindly to make prayers for him and wish him better journey in the future. I am asked to do so by very good friend of mine  , Gilly,  who loved him dearly and is telling me David was  "Golden soul" and wonderful person.
I thank you for your prayers

27 April 2010 -

Dearest  Sangha`la.

Female Beagel dog name LOULOU died 2 hours ago in New York USA
and i have been asked to request prayers and blessing for her.

Doggies is my dharmasister  Changchub -Molly's sisters dog
 (I did 3 years  retreat with Molly- Changchub-- American.)

Please keep LOULOUin your prayers , dedication and heart for auspicius 
Deep gratitdue as always
on behalf
Ani Ea


24 March 2010-

Dearest  Dharma Friends -Precius Ones
 My beloved little friend SOFIE DRØLKAR
 HAS died now this eve of 24 march-
please bless her

help her to auspicious rebith
 in deep gratitude and devotion
ani ea

18 February 2010-

Precious Sangha

Our Beloved friend and Doctor for our 3 years retreat in 1984-1988 in France Kagyuling,
Under guidance of Kaybje Kalu Rinpoche, has just passed away today at 18:05 Pm Paris France.

Her name is: MARIE LESUR

I request blessing for her some days ago.
Marie was Buddhist and devotee of Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche and Ven. Boker Rinpoche.

Please bless her and pray for her now - such kind heart, such kind being. so kind.
Please pray for her auspicious rebirth and easy Bardo passing.
On behalf of us all, who had fortune to be cared by Marie and be her friend.

Sincerely with my whole heart gratitude and deeply moved.
Thank you very much
Ani Ea

12 February 2010-

Dear Friends

I am here to request your prayers and blessings for the journey of

Robert C. Allen  , 77 years old,

who passed away on  Feb. 12, 2010  8:30 pm

At the hospital,  from kidney failure.

I was told he died while sleeping .

I requests the prayers in the name of his daughter Rose who is good friend of mine.

And I thank you all so much


8 February 2010 -
 I have been asked to reqUest blessing  and prayers for :
      danish woman- 
who passed away just now 18.10 pm 8th February 2010
at the hospital of Cancer 
Denmark Copenhagen
Its Joan's very good friend Tina Antonsen-buddhist,
who requested prayers and blessing for Joan , to help her through the Bardo and for auspicious rebirth.

as always very deep sincere gratitude
on behalf
Ani Ea

30 January 2010 -   

Dearest   Precious Sangha,

I came down and found one more of the old chickens dead  this am 30th january , fullmoon
and partly solar eclipse day.
I turn to your kindness once more in deep gratitude
Please bless and include in Your prayers.

She was so kind chicken always helped the others and keep them with  warm when they were sick and cold
She is big golden brown like a big sun why I called her the name
and so very very kind  chicken
Her name is:
                    " NIMA LHAMO."
She was very old and very gentle chicken
Please bless her for auspiciuos rebirth..

She is in front of my Alter, wrapped in and with blessings and mantra now
for a day or two and then will  burry her like all the others When blessing and help for rebirth has taken care of her to go on.
With sincere much gratittude
with my whole heart
Ani Ea 

28 January 2010-
Dearest Precious Sangha
Please bless and include in Your Prayers & dedication
My very special long time friend-The black dark blue and green female chicken
very big- dignified chicken-very special being..

Her name is: SHERAB LHAMO.<>
I found her this am - 28 January 2010
she was very old (her sister yeshe Lhamo died last year)
very special chicken character being.
Please bless her for auspicious rebirth.
She is in front of my alter wrapped in and with blessing and mantra now
for day or two and then I will bury her like all the others when blessing and prayers have taken care for her ongoing journey.
With sincere much gratitude
 and total respect
<> with my whole heart

Ani ea. 

27 January 2010 -
on behalf of Mr. Trivandrum from India who lost his beloved dog  named ROXY who died this day at 8:10 am (IST) .
Rocky appeard to be sick when  Trivandrum found him and died shortly after from unknown reason.
Please say prayers for him for good rebirth and safe ongoing journey.

with much gratitude to all

6 January  2010-

Beloved  Sangha,

My friend: 

Whom I requested blessing for easy passing a few days ago
<>Just died - passed away 15 minutes ago- 8.30  in the hospital,
6th January 2010
She was unconscious for 1 week and passed away
but first  woke up, joked and went back into  going away state after Rinpoche and nun and monks and you all prayed , so it was last moment for her  family with her and she was joking. Thanks for Rinpcohe blessing.  before then allot of suffering .

Please bless her pray for her so her rebirth and bardo will be auspicious
I'm very thankful for help for her
with much gratitude
sincere devotion
Ani Ea
also the family is very thankful for Rinpoches and your help.

2 January 2010-
Beloved  Precious Sangha
Please  bless and pray for my little friend-
Chicken brown green  dark orange so beautiful .
The Chicken name
I found her dead this am 2 january 2010.
I went to check and feed all my friends  the chickens I care for also.
She had passed away in the night
So sweet kind beautiful chicken. That is why  I gave  her this name,
because she was really nice in colors  and being .
We loved each other much..
Please bless my little friend for auspicious rebirth.
She is in  front of my alter now with blessings on her and mantras

Please bless her for auspicious rebirth
With much gratitude as always
Ani Ea

I would like to thank all of you who has been with us from the moment we started this praying corner. At times even if you do not feel personally that your prayers had made an actual change be sure that the energy of wishing good upon others does work , and for that we thank you.