we begin by starting to write. It seems the only way to get into the flow without risking body injury or jail and that is not sure either.

So we are here in Rosarito just south of Tijuana, making kites and prayers for all sentient beings.
The kites helps us not to take ourselves too seriously but the prayers are sincere.
We have the weather runs amok, the governments run amok, and the corporations that rule over us have certainly run amok.
We are facing an uncertain future that is not so uncertain since in petroleum supply, the accumulating pollution, the assault on the environment and the massive greed of politicians leads to very predictable results.
We have no authority to make any kind of suggestion except the love we have for all beings but we urge you to meditate on the coming Bardo, Make peace with your fellows and prayers for the suffering.
The fictitious separation between us and God will be closed and the infinite mind will be realized within each of us.
There is only One in the beginning, there is only One in the middle and there is only One at the end.
Praise to thee o precious One