Because this purple was his favorite color, and because Pink was our favorite , this is how I choose to add this page , which is love attribute to love and a good-bye song to my personal Guru.

I felt that I wanted to open this page with a picture I took of my love while ago. I feel those who knew him will probably know why I love this picture so much, this is Eldon, his wise smile and beautiful eyes are looking at every one kindly. This is how I saw him from day one.
It was actually pretty funny how we met but I guess now it's  too early for me to star writing about it. so I will just sit a while with this wonderful picture and then will say few more words.


I guess This is one of many that I will surely observe many times with so much wonderful memories but unfortunately Eldon did not like much to take pictures and so I have only few to show for.

And there were the kites. Eldon thought me how to build kites , we had wonderful times flying them (or at least trying) on the beach at Rosarito and whoever practice Zen and would see Eldon building gently the ribs of the kites , piece by piece,  would know this is the Practice itself. The results were always colorful kites, and you can see one of them here.

kite   eldonkite2

and there was this giant kite we build together just a while ago


someone sent me a poem today once he heard about Eldon Leaving (thanks David)  and It was so much of Eldon I took the permission to post it here :

 Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the star shine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die.

by:  Mary Elizabeth Frye

And Thanks Irene for sending me the musical version of it - I am busy laundering my soul with those salty drops that keep coming out of my eyes as you advised....

I also would like to give stage here to few words from Sam. It took me entire year to get Eldon's phone number from Sam but it was Sam who took Eldon on one of my most lucky days , to a bicycle tour at the Vondel Park Amsterdam where we met first time.
Sam is close friend and brother of Eldon from happy Dam days:
"Thank you for the love you have brought to the world. I will miss you my friend, my brother in life, my teacher. I pray for your safe journey and swift return to bless us all."

So I do not stand on Eldons grave and cry, Instead I made a nice altar for him by the window, where we used to hang most of all at the living room by our two computers.
I chose to end this with a picture of that altar because it was so funny how the first flowers brought to it were Pink which was our favorite color.


On the altar : shocking pink colored fresh flowers, both Eldon's Malas that he received from most V, Tranghu Rinpuche, whom picture next to HHK 17th are there too, there is the little incense holder which is small crystal quarts fairy statue I got for him in Mexico City when I first came here, and the Avocado plants (two of them) who were my most successful growing here and were like us,  growing side by side.  There are the "Teaching of Tibetan Yoga" by Garma C.C. Chang that Eldon used to read me from , and of course there is the book of 100 thousand songs of Milarepa which was guide to both of us and which was read for ELdon by his friends (thanks Todd, Jane and Dann) at his last day.

Now Eldon starts a new journey. I love him dearly. I want to thank every one for their prayers. I wish for him that he will arrive rapidly into Dewa Chen - we decided long time ago it's a good meeting place for next time.

This site is now dedicated to the teaching and life of Eldon Taylor , born on 17 December 1941 and lived happily up to 6 December 2009  and may the Dharma he was busy spreading around will be at his side wherever he  goes....

love to all


Go to bed everything's all right
Don't know the whole
world's changing
As you sleep through the night
Wake up slowly and it's a
different world
Hear the news and the
floods begin
Screams so loud but only
felt within
Heart is shattered
The pieces can't be found
I feel your pain, I wrote this
song for you, for you
You will make it, you will
make it through
I promise you, he would
want you to
Months go by, still living
in a daze
Don't know what you've done
With the last seven days
Soul is numb and life
is like a dream
Helping hands but you
push them away
How could they understand
Don't wanna share your pain
Afraid to heal, 'cause that
would be good-bye
I feel your pain, I wrote this
song for you, for you
You will make it, you will
make it through
I promise you, she would
want you to

One day sunlight hits
a photograph
And it makes you smile
The memories dance
around you now
And they make you smile
You're not alone
You'll never be
Just like the stars
They oversee
And they whisper to you
You're still, you're still,
You're still, you're still alive
<>I feel your pain, I wrote this
song for you, for you
You will make it, you
will make it through
I promise you, they would
want you to


When Eldon needed to go somewhere in San Diego or LA we used to pull out Yahoo maps and I would copy for him with capital letters the driving instructions to where he is going.
So I was very grateful when I got the following link today from our beloved dharma sister and teacher Ani Ea from Denmark.  Now I can read him daily the instructions and make sure he shall arrive there easily....


purple flowers ....
thanks Richard and Chris for offerings of robes and food bowls In India. thanks Ani Ea for generating prayers and thanks for all sisters and brothers who keeps calling.... 


From Al, a brother and a business partner:   " He was my brother and he saved my life when I was down and out. even we disagreed a lot but he had a heart of gold and could not hurt a fly. We sometimes comunicated non-verbally and were on the same wavelength most of the time. His faith in the Buddha and his teachings were unwavearing and I'm sure he is in good place and at peace. OM Mani Padme Om..."


From Ben and Achmed - friends and business partners:  "Dear friends... Here in Holland we are deeply touched... Eldon has risen himself out of the clouds of smoke into eternity... May his journey be blessed by all the Buddhas .... What at impressive side you are making.... So he was a man of Zen.... Good luck
Ben and Achemd
Ohm Shanti Hari Hari....


No one said purple and pink has to be only about sadness and I have Lil to tell me so.
Thanks Lil ....

Few words from Mariana , Dharma sister Nomad mom , charming being , who wrote : " so very sorry that I can not meet you now dear Eldon  in your physical form  but I am so certain that you are dwelling peacefully in a large soft comforting pink Lotus
gently letting you rest in the blessed ocean of primordial awareness  and your love Inbal is there with you in her dreaming 
and surely you will be together again in Buddha land   in Dewachen  sharing many adventures
I send you lots of Love and emerald green light for healing and comfort
Om Tare Tuth Tare Ture Swaha
big big hug from Marianna "

I can't even start count the blessings of my spiritual sisters who are there for me , I wish to thank all of you Jane for so much efforts you were always Eldons favorite, Danny our soul sister from Amsterdam, Tamar who keeps make me laugh and think positive, Marry with her cyber hugs, Gabby with her strong caring energy and Ani Ea my guide, a great teacher working effortlessly to bring Eldon straight into Dewachen , Marylin sister and teacher and Dorit who spent both of them night and days working with us on Eldon health when he needed . I love you all. I always said Eldon is escorted by many Dakinis , Now I see I was right and I am honored we met..... I can tell one thing: when dealing with lost you all want to have sister or two around


Stormy night. It rained here for 2 days constantly. That for itself can be depressing. I noticed I woke up restless, can't see how an entire week has gone since. One more little dying is taking place. The connection is felt now mostly within, in the heart, in the mind, in the prayers, less physical, waves of warm energy maybe. I keep thinking but what if you wish to stay around? why should I chase you away? we had such lovely time together and maybe you feel better to stick around a bit more? I was honored to have such long time with you, having your hugs, daily, so much attention, I got completely spoiled.
I adds some more flowers and some fruits - instructions from Ani Ea my traditional guide, how come we never got flower at home? they are so pretty - my mother used to say "bring me flowers only after I am gone" .... Om Ami Dewa Hri... Om Ami Dewa Hri....








Form is Emptiness , Emptiness is form..... with the dharma you gave me I will never be alone....


In the last few years we didn't "going out" much, however if we did we used to take Chinese on Eldon's birth date. Last year it was pretty cool. Little Chines restaurant , completely empty, I think it was middle week day, and we are alone getting full serviced from about 3 waiters who are dying to show they are busy working. In the morning today when I woke up I immediately find this sort of memory as a reason to shade pile of tears which for that I gave the heart sutra and decided to collect ELdon's cloths and give them away to the local charity.
However that was not much of a comfort for someone who is ashamed to be crying on her bf birth date and so I decided to use my vitamin D therapy and took myself out to the sun.
And then it came to my mind how dry is Mexico and how I watch all the flowers on the altar dying and have to throw them away what a waste and decided I have to find solution for the altar flowers. So I found myself picking on Plastic flowers and taking out outrageous colors and then Danny , Our Amsterdam sister came to my mind, and although Eldon would never approve with those plastic flowers completely after all its not like he will mind, and it will stop me from buying flowers and throw them away and so that was done deal and  you can see the results below here.
More then that for a while I am waking up at night being worried the candles on the altar will end before I put new ones and so I decided to get some of the modern version of butter lamps, and replace the candles with them. However the candles as you can see are still on so I will let them shine still and then exchange them.
One more interesting thing that happened to me was when I took a picture of the altar with the digital cam. when I played it to myself it sounded like far away horns. I know its sound crazy but that is how I felt.....
new altar

and that clip I was talking about will play if you click on the picture of the altar


Apology to whomever follow this page. I had little accident,  cut on my index finger with a knife. nothing serious just a bit aching. Eldon was a great knife sharpener and I forgot it for a second.... will resume lyrics in a while....


Just when I thought I will now have the hard times of my life without you my love, I came upon Http://www.kagyumonlam.tv and spend my days in the refuge of the Dharma.
I must have been very good previously in my life as I got to participate in this wonderful broadcasts of the Monlam and get my comfort from The Buddha itself.
Streaming with wonderful visual participation with translation to English in high quality, came my Sangha My guru My Buddha and embraced me with love.
Long live HHK17th, long live the most V, Tranghu Rinpuche, and a long list of Masters who are helping you in your journey my love, and taking such good care of me. I am forever grateful.
Bless thee O Precious One....


May  all obstacles removed from our journey toward loving kindness, peace and compassion.