Our most recommended bookmarks pages you might wish to visit:

  - Bit more of  us.
www.hermes-press.com - Nothing but the plain reality.
www.alternet.org -The best place to get some real news
www.thule.org -Get tuned into reality as it is.
www.joint.co.il- The site for hebrew speaking "vegetarians"
www.norml.org -A very good "vegetarians" web site for english speakers.
www.rense.com - best ufo's information center.
www.thegreatillusion.com - fantastic art - lay back and enjoy some wisdom as well
www.shamanicjourneys.com - For Healing and compassion from the mouth of great shamanic master.
Digg.com people report the news for other people , wonderful site.
http://www.lotsawahouse.org/translations.html -great translations of Buddhist teachings.
wonderful site with some more teachings and aspirations.

I'm sure there are many more great web sites exist out there - If you find them you are welcome to contact us  and let us know about it and we sure will be happy to add them here.